Gasonline Chain Saw

Product description of Gasonline Chain Saw

Gasonline Chain Sawgasonline chain saw



52cc, 2cycles high power 2.0 kw engine with outstanding performance
-Automatic lubricating system reduces the friction between the bar and chains and makes cutting smoother and easier
-Anti vibration system makes the operation more comfortable and reduces fatigue during long hours of working
-Specific safety break reduces the risk during cutting operations
-New smart start system makes the machine start easier with less effort
-Excellent new ignition system results in powerful smooth running
-Special exhaust system design reduces fuel consumption and minimizes the gasoline emissions
-New design clutch system results in better performance and higher efficiency

Technical data



Engine 2-stroke,air-cooling
Displacement 52cc
Rated output power 2.0kw/7000rpm
Idle speed: 3000-3400rpm
Carburetor Chinese
Bar Size 20″
Chain pitch: 3/8″/0.325″
Gauge: 0.050″/0.058″
Chain Chinese
Guide bar Chinese
Oil Tank Capacity: 260ml
Fuel Tank Capacity 550ml

Product Details of Gasonline Chain Saw

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