Grout Pump

Grout Pump

Product description of

It is a professional machine for structure perfusion, leak stoppage, easy to maintain. The parts of machine aren’t deformed when being injected. Besides, it can avoid the inconvenience of heavy machinery for workers. and is the best tool for the persons who work on the professional water-sealing project.Speedy construction,can be advanced to 5000PSI in a few seconds, and the working time will be shorter than other machine.

Grout Pump


1.Environment protection:Good mechanical performance, no noise and no pollution.

2.High efficiency:It can reach 0~50Mpa work pressure within several seconds, and it has advanced technique which promise a high efficiency.

3.Safety:With crediable techniques and reasonable structure, it;s safe to use

Technical data

Model HTGP-988
Net Weight 7kgs
Max output pressure 11000psi
Restart Pressure 7500psi
Safe range of high pressure pipe 15000psi
Safe range of switch vlave 7500psi
Safe range of the nozzle 7500psi
The length of hose 5M
Power 560W
Flow 0-2L/min
Measure 33x25x45cm

Application of

1.For the crack, flexing crack,construction crack, and instruction crack of building.

2. Leak stopping for the breast wall of artesian well in geologic drilling project.

3.Grouting of reservoir and dam for the water conservancy project.

4.Leak stopping for undergroud, tunnel,culvert, sewage disposing pool, concrete fissure.

5. Leak stopping for basement, underground garage, and underground channels.

6.Leak stopping for floor,wall pipe, and wall corner.

7.Cracking of building, girder, pole,board etc structure, inject epoxy resin with high-handed.