Industrial Dry &Wet Vacuum Cleaner

Product description of Industrial vacuum cleaner

Industrial Dry & Wet Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful suction,Extremely Robust, Convenient and easy to handle. You can rely on this universal big power and innovation vacuum cleaner. It provides for different requirement: Construction area, Hotel, car wash and more public places, The different container size and equipment features ensure that the devices can be better matched to your needs.

Barrel sizes are with 50L,60,80L,100L. Besides of the standard accessories, there are extra optional accessories to achive the more works.

With their high suction power, the machines are impressive in wet applications and when used on coarse dirt.

With mid-size capacity, flexible wheels and convenient handrail support, we could solve it fast and effciently for any imaginable cleaning requirements, Kinds of powerful filter systems and needs-based accessories make precise dirt and volume of water pick up.


180 degree rotation to pour out the rubbish

180° overturn

Video of Industrial vacuum cleaner

Technical data

Model          HTVC-60/70/80/100
Functions   Wet,Dry
Barrel size  60/70/80/100L
Power          2000/2400/3000/3600W
Suction        21Kpa

Package of Industrial vacuum cleaner

Application of Industrial vacuum cleaner

Construction area, Hotel, car wash and more public places