Multi-function Spraying Machine

spraying machine

Product description of multi-function spraying machine

spraying machine Plugging engineering applications

Water leakage of expansion joint, subway, tunnels, mine plugging, leak-proof projects, dams & other flood water leakage plugging projects.

Structure reinforcement projection applications crack.

Reinforcement, bridge reinforcement, floor reinforcement.

Waterproof spray

Indoor and outdoor spraying, cement mortar spraying, putty powder coating, grouting, waterproof grouting and waterproof surface spraying, garden spraying, handicraft spraying, latex paint

Video of multi-function spraying machine

Technical data

Model HTCM-850
Input Power 230V 50Hz
Drill Power 1300W
Air Compressor Power 1500W
Flow 1-10L/min
Largest Particle 1mm
Working Pressure 20Bar
Viscosity 150-500 centipoise
Max Vertical Delivery 15M
Max Horizontal Delivery 30M
Hopper 40L
G.w/N.w 60/55kgs

Product Details of multi-function spraying machine

spraying machine details

Package of multi-function spraying machine

Dimension 76x49x97cm

Application of multi-function spraying machine

Used for JS waterproofing material, cement-based waterproofing slurry,Single component Polyurethane materials, CCCW.etc.