Solar Road Stud

road stud

Product description of Solar Road Stud

Solar Road Studroad studroad stud road stud


  1. Easy to install
  2. Tunnel road led wired road stud
  3.  High luminous intensity
  4.  Anti -high (low) temperature
  5. .Long lifespan

Technical data





Name 4pcs led reflector Aluminum road safety solar road stud waterproof villa decoration light solar power aluminum cat eye road stud Flashing mode Semi circle solar power red led road stud
Material Aluminum Aluminum Plastic
Size 105*124*23mm 105*124*23mm 120*20mm
LED luminous RED :620-630nm  ,green :505-510nm,yellow:590-594nm RED :620-630nm  ,green :505-510nm,yellow:590-594nm RED :620-630nm
Wave length red /yellow:4000-5000mcd , green : 8000-10000mcd red /yellow:4000-5000mcd , green : 8000-10000mcd red :4500-5500mcd
Led quantity 4pcs 6pcs 6pcs
NET Weight 0.5KG 0.5KG 0.5KG
visual angle 30 °C 30 °C 2years
Visual distance 1000m 1000m -40℃–+50℃
Warranty 2years 2years Taiwan Epistar
Working temperature -40℃–+50℃ -40℃–+50℃ -40℃–+50℃
LED type Taiwan Epistar Taiwan Epistar Taiwan Epistar

Application of Solar Road Stud

Use for cross road , high way ,turning road ,school ,parking area,etc